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LandCare Treatment

Crabgrass herbicide and fertilizer to be applied to turf on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Herbicide and Fertilizer application

If weather permits, Palmer's will apply an application of crab grass herbicide and light fertilizer to common grounds on Monday, July 23 with a rain date scheduled for Thursday, July 26.

Broad Leaf herbicide application

Palmer's will apply a broad leaf herbicide on Thursday, June 21st, weather permitting, to all common property.

Cicada Killer Wasp Treatment

Palmer's will be in the neighborhood on Friday, July 7th, to reduce the population of Cicada Killer Wasps.  They will use nets to catch the wasps flying and will also spray an insecticide into wasp burrows.

Herbicide Treatment

Common area lawns will be treated for crabgrass on Thursday, July 6th unless predicted weather conditions change.

Herbicide application

There will be a herbicide application on Thursday, June 22. The previously scheduled application could not take place due to hot weather.