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LandCare Treatment

Crabgrass herbicide and fertilizer to be applied to turf on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Herbicide and Fertilizer application

If weather permits, Palmer's will apply an application of crab grass herbicide and light fertilizer to common grounds on Monday, July 23 with a rain date scheduled for Thursday, July 26.

Broad Leaf herbicide application

Palmer's will apply a broad leaf herbicide on Thursday, June 21st, weather permitting, to all common property.

Nor’easter Cleanup

Hello Neighbors!
The HOA has been working with our landscape company since the wind storm on Friday to assess the damage in the community to include, downed and damaged trees and large limbs in common areas. Thank you to homeowners throughout that have been very helpful in this process of making us aware of areas not always able to be observed easily.  Please continue to report information directly to Shannon Cook at
After our initial inspection of the community we have found that there has been significant damage to many homes in the community, which includes damaged/missing siding, damaged /missing roof shingles, fence damage, downspouts/gutters and downed trees.  The Association understands that it will take some time for residents to address the property damage to their homes, therefore, no required maintenance letters for these issues will be sent to homeowners for the next 30 days to give ample time for repairs to take place.  In the case of special circumstances, please contact the Community manager, Shannon Cook @ if additional time is needed.   
If you are replacing your siding, roof, or fencing, etc. please contact Sequoia Management for more information regarding submitting an architectural application at 703-803-9641.
During this period of storm cleanup please be very aware that unethical people may take advantage of these type of situations and solicit your business.  ALWAYS be sure any contractor you hire is licensed and insured and has references. 
If you have any additional questions, please contact Sequoia as needed. 

Holiday Trash Schedule

Fairfax County Waste is on a holiday schedule as a result, MCT has advised that WSHA will be following a modified Trash Collection Schedule over the holidays.

There will be *NO* Trash OR Recycling Pickup on:

  • Monday 25 December (Christmas Day)
  • Monday 1 January (New Years Day)

Recycling *AND Trash will be picked up on Thursdays 28 December and 4 January these weeks during our regular 2nd trash collection days.

Please spread the word to residents who may not be signed up to receive emails.

Happy Holidays and Healthy New Year.

-WSHA Board

Crack Sealing Rescheduled for 2018, Pavement Patching Tuesday

Due to weather conditions, the asphalt project was rescheduled. The patching will be performed on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, please find attached patching map for your convenience.

Patching map.JPG

Street sections will be closed with traffic control. The contractors will close off and open sections as needed during the project.

The patching work should not impact parking, however, please be aware of the patching locations and park elsewhere if needed during the day.

The crack fill work will be rescheduled in 2018 so as to not interrupt the holidays and travel. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sequoia Management at 703-803-9641.

Asphalt Work Postponed – Trash Updated


As a result of the colder than expected temperatures, and winter weather - the Asphalt work did not occur on Friday, and has been Postponed for Monday.  We are working with the vendor to determine if this work can be performed later in the week.

Please continue to follow the guidance for early trash pick up as MCT was already advised.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

-WSHA Board

Big Trash Day December 16th

On Saturday December 16th @ 11:00 am, McLean Trash will do a Special Trash pickup for household items that are too large to be put out during regularly scheduled trash days.  Please take objects that you want to discard to the designated drop off points indicated on the Maps mailed to homes.   Drop off Items prior to 11:00 AM


Asphalt Work Update

Asphalt Project Schedule December 8, 11-12 2017.   Schedule Subject to Change based on Weather.

Pro-Pave will be patching through out the entire community on Friday December 8th.  Crack Seal will be occurring on Monday December 11th, and Tuesday December 12th in accordance with the Map Mailed to Residents.

During the Crack Seal Portion of the work it is required that ALL vehicles be moved from the area between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm.  Vehicles will be towed within the community if required.


Christmas Tree Pickup Dates

Christmas Tree's will be picked up on 1st and 2nd Saturday's of January 6th & 13th