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More snow, check for update on trash Thursday

We have another winter storm warning for Thursday. Please check trashaway.com in the morning to see if they will collect trash as scheduled. Updates will also be posted on the WSHA website. Also please move cars from snow lanes so the plows can do their work.

More snow – please move cars out of snow lanes

It does not look like we will get much snow, but please move cars out of snow lanes so plows can safely clear our streets. Many thanks in advance, Richard Shumann

Please move cars out of snow lanes

There is a winter storm warning with snow predicted to start early Sunday morning. Please make sure you car is not in a snow lane so all our streets can be plowed. The snow map is at https://westmorelandsquare.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Snow-Map-2017.pdf , in your directory, and in the December newsletter.

More details on snow procedures are at https://westmorelandsquare.com/wsha-board/committees/snow-procedures/

Snow Sunday – please let plows do their work

We are expecting the biggest snowstorm in over two years to start on Sunday morning. Please do not park on the 'odd' side of Hopewood Drive so the plows can clear the streets. In parking lots, park in marked spaces only. The snow map was distributed with the December newsletter and can also be found at  https://westmorelandsquare.com/wsha-board/committees/snow-procedures/

Our new landscape company, Greenscape, plans to pre-treat streets on Saturday.